19 January 2006

Weather and Sailing

The Weather is inextricably linked to sailing. And that makes sense, you don't move unless you know why, when, where, and sometimes how the weather is doing what it does. It's also more pleasant when it's not raining. When you have a sportboat like Polka Dot, the raindrops feel like bullets as you slash through them.

But it turns out weather is just as important when restoring sailboats. A few reasons: paint and varnish can only be applied in certain temperatures, people are known to get depressed during bad weather, and, most importantly, I don't have an indoor workspace.

Problem solved. We're looking at a seven-day forecast that includes none of the following words: rain, sleet, hail, thunderstorm, showers, drizzle, or monsoon. There's a chance Clover could be in the water by February!

Then comes the comedy...I've sailed an El Toro twice but never in the types of conditions I'll see on the Bay. I'm going to plan it at low tide so I can at least stand up when I'm learning to right the boat. I'll give fair notice if anyone wants to videotape it...maybe I'll make it onto H2uh0.


Anonymous said...

The rain has hindered my progress on L'Orange Canard (the Banshee).

WeSailFurther said...

Very cool. I am loving your blog.

I'm keping my boat in over the winter and I'm trying to get a little racng done in February. I don't know who else is going to be in the water, so I may be all alone out there.

You can check out my boat log here: june23rd.com/persuasion46

Lingo Slinger said...

you should have a big clover airbrushed onto the sail... that would look stellar.

Anonymous said...

awwwwww yeah.