05 December 2005

Wing & Wing

My Dad and I went sailing this past Saturday; we were out for about 3 hours without one story worth blogging about. It was cold (about 50 farenheit) and less than windy (5-10 and shifty). We sailed out of the marina which is always fun but that was probably the closest we came to another boat the whole time.

Downwind home was good, we were able to practice some wing and wing sailing and the lack of apparent wind warmed my Florida-based Dad up for a short time. But nothing really happened. Hell, I think we only tacked three times ( to get out of the marina) and gybed once (to turn around for home).

I did find out that the beautifully restored motor yacht on Dock O is a PT boat. That was cool. Not cool enough to make a story out of it though.

Nobody is clever enough to make a good blog entry out of this past Saturday. Probably shouldn't even mention it.

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