02 December 2005

Obsession and/or 100th post

I'm the same guy who needed to have six vespas instead of just one. I can only ride one at a time, but what about friends I would say. Or, this one is just for special occasions. Or, most often, this one doesn't even run.

Well, now I seem to be collecting a fleet of sailboats. But it's different, it really is. I have Polka Dot for my "big boat"* experience. Starbeam is Camille's to learn in. And I need Clover to be able to go out with Camille while she's learning. Besides, the last two are small.

Behold Clover:

Camille performed her usual magic naming boats, opting for Clover over the second choice Po-Po. We immediately decided that the hull must be painted green and that a shamrock, err, clover will be painted on somewhere.

This one is sitting in my sideyard, waiting for the storm to clear to get started on painting/sanding. I have no idea where I'm going to keep her; she's too big to carry to the car, but I can wrestle her into the back once I get her there. So, if she stays home, then I need a good dolly. Otherwise, I'm going to look into storage at either Lake Merritt or Berkeley Marina.

The best thing would be to get davits on the back of my Catalina 22 and hang her there, but it might look silly if I sail around looking like I'm popping a wheelie.

* yes, I am aware that I just called a 22 foot boat a "big boat"


Joe said...

Very cool! I'm tempted to get one. How much did Clover cost?

I understand the obsession with more boats than one can sail or paddle at a time. I have 3 kayaks and am building a 4th. Then I want a Sabre and a sailing canoe. I think I'm a little crazy, but I can't help myself.

Carol Anne said...

Um, does having three Sunfish piled up in the yard count as obsession?

Well, actually, that's one each for my husband, son, and myself, so maybe that's not excessive. And actually, the original purpose was more altruistic -- to get a dinghy fleet started at the Rio Grande Sailing Club.

I suppose if we had five, so each of the cats could have one, that might then cross the line into obsession.