06 December 2005

Change of Plans

Slow sailing week. I'm looking at a 1+ month backorder on my Skymate windmeter so I'm substituting a Speedtech Skywatch 3D.

It's even uglier and doesn't tell the temperature but it doesn't have to face the wind so I can actually mount it on the pulpit or something. I also like that it has maximum wind as well as current and average. That way I can still exaggerate and pretend that the one huge gust was our wind for the day.


Anonymous said...

I want one. My current handheld sucks!

EVK4 said...

I believe that's Joe the Horse not Joe the Hose above. Not sure if it can be edited though.

Hold off on getting one of these until I can review it. The gizmo arrived today and is even uglier than the one in the picture...something I thought impossible just a few hours ago.

Carol Anne said...

Keep us posted. My husband wants one of those for Christmas.