22 August 2005

A learning experience

I've already mentioned that we "almost" nailed the start last Friday. If some yahoo hadn't been pummeling the pin with his bow, we would have been over within seconds of the gun, instead of tacking to avoid him. Whether that was the favored end or not is a subject best left to someone who actually understands such matters.

But there was confusion. The RC was busy waving a blue flag with a white square in the middle of it. Ack, that flag isn't covered on my racing flag sticker. What the hell did it mean? Nobody else was turning around so we kept going. The most confusing part was that when we were getting near the windward mark, people were still going to windward, was it some change to the course?

Well, I finally looked it up in my racing rules of sailing, it's a preparatory signal. Which is even odder given that he had shot the prep signal gun five minutes earlier, right on time. Was it the prep signal for the next division? I'll never know.

On to more good news. The Florida Division of Team Polka Dot Racing had their first meeting. A quorum was established with one member:

Notice how much nicer the Florida Chapter's water is? To keep the moving companies at bay, I will remind myself that it is 100 degrees there with 100% humidity and no wind. Of course, come December when it's even colder on the water here, we can have United Haulers give us a call.


Anonymous said...

That's why your the captain. And I? The jibster.
Nice shot of the Florida contingency.

Anonymous said...

The P flag (Papa) is called the "Blue Peter" because it's flown by a ship in port to indicated the ship is ready to sail and all hands must return to ship. Underway, it means "I require a pilot." Same flag ... many meanings!

Greg said...


"Does anybody on this list sail on the San Francisco
Bay? I'm hoping to go out and take some pictures and
video with a similar sized boat and it'd be great if
it were a Catalina 22"

I have been meaning to contact you, but have been quite taken up with moving my Daughter to college in Monterey.UGH!
I learned to sail in the south bay out of Redwood City many moons ago.I'm now living & sailing in the Sierra foothills. I would like to get a sailing day or two in the Bay possibly this fall in the lighter conditions first off. I have a few immediadte concerns though as I bought my boat in rough shape just this year.
1)I'm thinking I need..some flares, criboards, a pump & a compass.
2)My sails and standing rigging are of an unknown age. I'm thinking 75'as is the boat. Although I've inspected well and used all summer (weekly) w/o incident. I'm worried about pushing real hard.
3)My running rigging is pretty much stock. Thus no lines aft or reefing set-up. I have a 110 jib though.
4)I need pop-top dogs
5) My marine band isn't wired & has'nt been tested.

One the good side...
I've re-wired the trailer, with new bearings and tires.
My outboard has been gone through.
My deck fittings have been sealed, but not the windows.
Running rigging is new.
I've sailed for 35 years, and my 15 yr.old Son is a capable mate.

I'm just wanting my Son's first experiences on the Bay to be good ones.
Are there any guest berths at Berkeley?
I have thought about sailing down to Rewood City with good conditions too, maybe on a morning.
Let me know what you think. I've enjoyed your blog, racing is addictive isn't it. I've dabbled in some Hobie racing & still have one and my Son a Sunfish.
email me at gregrohde@gmail.com
and let me know what you think.

Regards, Greg