31 August 2005

The perfect weekend for sailing

Scheduling conflicts got in the way for Friday night's race which is perfectly understandable given that I never expected to do more than 1-2 races per month and we'd gone out 3 weeks in a row. But Saturday was shaping up to be the perfect sailing day.

Woke up on Saturday morning, guzzled some coffee and started discussing the day's sailing when Bob said, "what about that window project?". Hmmm, the window project, source of many annoying leaks last winter. The supplies had been drifting farther and farther towards the bottom of the dockbox all summer and were in danger of being forgotten. We wouldn't have a free, dry day like this for a long time. OK, let's go down to the marina and look at the wind first.

We drive down, go out to the club and look at flat still water with 3 boats drifting aimlessly. Look over at the marina office and see a small craft warning. I don't like either of those two conditions. Let's go seal some windows.

It turned out to be a bear of a project but with Bob's technical know-how, all was going well. Until I took the frame off the forward starboard window. Keeerrracccckkkk. Ah crap, it's safety glass so at least I have a template for the glass shop to work with. But we were "this" close.

The other 3 windows are going to stop water, but that doesn't do too much good when gallons per minute can come in elsewhere. Needless to say, no sailing Sunday either.

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