01 August 2005

Beautiful weekend for kite flying

It was such a beautiful weekend for kite flying that I was scared to sail. Ack, what? That makes very little sense to anyone who has never tried to park near the Berkeley Kite Festival which is conveniently located next to my marina. Not only do they charge you an arm and a leg but they make you walk great distances. I'm American d@mmit, I deserve moving sidewalks not long marches.

It turns out my fears were unfounded as Bob and I finally got the nerve up to head down to the marina at 7PM Saturday and drove right by a sign in my parking lot that said, "No Kite People. Sailors and their ilk only.". So, my $160 a month does pay for something. Interesting.

We didn't sail but accomplished two very important things. We choreographed the set and gybe techniques for using the whisker pole on downwind legs and we marked the finish line in the GPS.

The second was kind of silly because the finish line is VERY obvious but maybe we'll be enveloped in fog and for the first time since the Nixon administration we won't have Westerly winds on a summer evening and quite possibly, the compass will not be working. It's possible, really.

The Boate did go out and got an excellent photo of the Kite Festival...that's a lot of octopii.


eric said...

the fog HAS rolled in since the nixon administration. actually, it was almost one year ago.

EVK4 said...

In fact, it was foggy last night and will be again tonight. But you do have to agree that summer winds have been WSW since Nixon, right? Or at least Ford.