01 August 2005

What not to wear

Now, I know my boat's name is Polka Dot, but even I wouldn't do this. These guys are participating in the Snipe World Championships and are probably damned fine sailors but there is just no excuse for these matching outfits.

Maybe they dressed in the dark? Their sponsor hates them?


Anonymous said...

I much prefer your Polka Dot design over the red & white ones. Maybe your should design new shirts for the other guys, they'd probably really appreceiate it!

EVK4 said...

We might meet those guys on the racecourse some day...why give them a wardrobe advantage over us? it's bad enough that they have the saucy headbands, couple that with award-winning t-shirt design and it would take a Couttsian effort to beat them.

Joshy said...

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