23 June 2005

New Sails!

I've ordered new sails. D@mn, I'm excited, I finally get to replace those tired old rags and raise sail with confidence. I'll probably start out of the dock a bit more, just to show off the flashy new outfit as I slowly tack out of the marina.

But there's a downside to all this excitement; I have to wait for them. They have to be cut and shipped and my numbers have to be put on and they want to make me get agitated. And I don't even really have a firm shipping date due to some vagaries of filling up a shipment. Aaargh.

I'm going to relate this to non-sailors since I do keep my readers in mind every once in a while.

Tim once told me that the English sailors could tell if it was a friend or foe from the color of the sails....white meant French or Spanish, yellowish meant English. Since the French and Spanish spent so much less time at sea their sails always looked crisp and new. I'll keep telling myself that until these sails come in; I've been out fighting the good fight.


crkmama said...

An onion truck?

Anonymous said...

Now that's what I call writing!

Anonymous said...

As the owner of Island Planet Sails, I'm enjoying this Blog. I have a lot of clients spread across the country but this is the first time a sail purchase has been so well described. The picture of the crips new sails in their bags is nice to see.

Ed I guess you won't be needing that tracking number. Damn UPS was fast. Overnight all the way from Portland.