27 June 2005

Sailing B'Log

This blog was never intended to be a Boat's Log (B'Log for you landlubbers). I think I would bore myself and my 16-24 daily visitors silly if I posted nonsense like this:

date: 26 June
wind: 10-20 knots SSW
temp: 69 degrees farenheit
crew: HK, CK, RB
itinerary: set out on port tack from marina into choppy waters that didn't look so bad from shore, tacked a couple of times to get new 5 year old crew comfortable, she looked happy but said, "I'm scared", when confronted, she backed down and said, "no I'm not scared", didn't believe her one bit, immediately tacked once more with wild look in my eye, got closer to the pier, beared off downwind, gybed once, headed back into the marina, gybed a few more times, shot stinkeye at a big 35 footer intent on motoring us down in the marina, outsailed said 35 footer, fired up the outboard as a backup, and sailed into the slip.
sails: the old ones still

OK, that's actually not boring. I guess I just can't make a day sound boring no matter how short it is. I was very conscious of the First Rule of Sailing and just didn't want to scare a 5 year old off. I am pretty sure the second comment was a brave face borne of having two older brothers and a fearless nature, but a sailboat beating into 10-20 knots of wind with choppy water can be scary your first time out. HK asked me if I would have sailed it singlehanded and yes absolutely, but I've been in 20 foot seas in a gale, RB hasn't.

At the end of the day, I think she had fun, something that can't be said of the 35 footers captain who is probably at his therapist's office trying to recover from the industrial strength stinkeye he received.

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