19 May 2005

Transatlantic Memories

So, these big beautiful fast yachts are about to take off from NYC to Lizard Point.

Here's what I know:
  • the current race record is 12 something days and will be broken
  • Mari Cha IV did it in 6 days 17+ hours picking her weather window
  • Mari Cha IV sailed 525 miles on one of those 6 days

    Here's how it differs from my crossing on Zorra:
  • Nobody ratified our start and finish times
  • It took us almost 2 months but we got to spend about a week each in Bermuda and the Azores
  • Twice we sailed 168 miles in 24 hours (that's right 7 MPH!!!)

    Here's how it will be the same:
  • Somebody will be in charge of fixing bilge pumps and they will break
  • Nobody will get enough sleep
  • There will be boring times and excruciatingly frightening times out there

    And in case you're wondering, not only was I the official bilge pump fixer, but those plumbing skills were put in charge of fixing the head too. It only broke once, but oddly enough it broke at the dock and I spent the entire trip through Government Pass fixing it not coming out on deck until we were already in the Ocean.

    I might scan some before and after pictures so you can see exactly what 20 days without a shower can do to a man.

    Anonymous said...

    i've seen the pictures. he looks hot.

    Anonymous said...

    I hear that. I get to looking, feeling and smelling gnarley after 3 days.

    NonstopExpress said...

    I once spent five days on a backcountry snowboard trip.

    The funk seeping from my body became its own life form after about three days.

    By five, I smelled like a sun-baked garbage can of a Chinese restaurant.

    Can you imaging what the Middle Ages smelled like?