22 May 2005

First Rule of Sailing

Yesterday, I was operating under the First Rule of :
Never scare a child who might become a sailor.*

This is important to me, I know many kids who are scared to go sailing because of excessive heel, getting wet, and sea shanties. I, in fact, have very vivid, very scary memories of having to jump over a seemingly 20 foot chasm from the dock to the boat on low tides (this was before the advent of floating docks I guess). If possible, I want to encourage a love of sailing; it's one of the best gifts I received from my Dad.

Yesterday I failed. I did all the usual things, reef the main, bear off the wind a bit, sail close to the racing marks, have plenty of food and activities on the boat. None of this kept the unthinkable from happening: mal de mer. A 4 year old got seasick...not violent throwing up over the rail sick, but the silent, queasy, why is this thing still bouncing kind of sick. The poor thing cuddled up in her Dad's lap and didn't say a thing until we were at the dock.

I didn't even know 4 year olds could get seasick, for some reason I thought they were immune. I fear that the world is down one sailor. Sorry Neptune.

* Not to be confused with the Three Rules of Sailing:
  • Keep water out of the boat
  • Keep the people out of the water
  • Keep the boat on the water


    Anonymous said...

    I think the fact that in her eyes you have super human powers, and the fact that she wants to spend time with you will in time overcome the memory of that bad event.

    I think your short term options here, based on the would be best seller "Brendhan's child care tips you should never try yourself" include:

    *Painting the boat pink or at least get pink sails (I thought, "this may be a stereotype. The girl doesn't necessarily like pink." Then I remembered which girl we were talking about.)

    *Tell her you have an exciting gift for her, "but hey guess what? It's down in the cabin of the boat, and I can only give it to you when we're out on the water."

    Good luck. Keep us posted.

    EVK4 said...

    Luckily it's a different girl...Camille is a natural born sailor. In fact, part of the allure of taking sailing lessons when she's 7 is the pink, purple and white El Toro she's going to be cruising. You missed your calling, should have been a child psychologist.

    Anonymous said...

    Yours and Tim keep me busy enough-who has time for children's?

    Anonymous said...

    Not to worry. All she needs is a hair of the dog that bit her. Go again soon.

    Jamie Dawn said...

    That poor kid! I've been seasick, and it is horrendous. I doubt she'll get back into a boat of any kind for a long, long time.