24 May 2005

Today is a Good Day

Not sure why it happens but Cruising World and Sail both come on the same day. Early in the week too, so a week without is bearable. But the weekend is coming up soon; I'm going to try to put together a crew for the Friday Night Beer Can...we might win an award for slowest boat of all time.

Earlier, I promised an "after" picture of my Transatlantic Voyage. I can't do it. I've photoshopped too many of my friends into compromising positions to put an egregiously embarassing picture of myself on the web. Payback being what it is and all.

I'll compromise by putting up a picture of me "on watch".

My crewmate Max maintained that this was the position he found me in at 6AM every morning. Note the land in the background, this was actually a friendly daysail along the Irish coast after the whole trip. He has no proof that I really slept on watch. No proof at all.


Anonymous said...

You look more like one of the locals than my Son In Law. It must be the facial hair, or the fact that your sleeping.

Anonymous said...

That's a manly ass goatee, my friend. I didn't know you had it in you.