24 May 2005

Infamous Santana 22 for Sale on Craigslist

I routinely read Craigslist for sailboats for sale. No reason, I just like to. I see a Santana 22 for sale for a reasonable price so I click on it. Hmmm, it's missing standing rigging, a mast and a rudder. That's odd. The contact name is Joseph Schmidt. Hmm, that name sounds familiar.

This is the guy who crashed his Santana 22 under the Golden Gate a few months ago!!! He must have reclaimed Yacht-sea from the salvager and is trying to sell her. Now, get this quote, "It is commonly used in sailing schools because of it's forgiving nature and safety." Italics and bold are mine. Unintentional Comedy is his.

I was fascinated by this story when it came out so I have a lot of interesting links:
  • Original photo-essay (needs simple registration)
  • Floating again (needs simple registration)
  • Sail Magazine article
  • 'Lectronic Latitude

    Holy cow! I don't think I'll be buying that boat.

    Anonymous said...

    When you first sent this to me, I was amazed that he didn't get sucked into the vortex ala "The Titanic" movie. Then the Myth Busters tested out the theory that a sinking boat would pull surrounding bodies down to DJ's Locker with it. Net: it's a myth. Your boy proved that to us as well.

    Are you going to buy the boat?


    Joe said...

    I wouldn't touch it with a 10' pole!
    Cursed it tiz.

    M. Hunter said...

    i just saw your comment that pointed me to improveverywhere.com

    thanks so much, what a great bunch of people!

    MysticSkipper said...

    Let's buy this boat - what are the odds of anything like that evere happening again? (paraphrased, okay blatatnly plagerized and edited slighlt, from the World according to Garth or was it Garp? Robin Williams played him... Help?_

    Anonymous said...

    It looked like it was well rigged, if it has not been stripped, might be a pick and pull gold mine, and donate the stripped boat to be turned into a reef.