17 May 2005


Rumor has it that Maximus has hit a bit of a snag for the start of this week's Rolex Transatlantic Challenge. Her retractable canting keel is apparently stuck in the down position. I guess that's better than in the leaking position, but $20+ Million just doesn't buy what it used to. She's in dry dock trying to fix it, but the race starts this weekend. That's soon.

This boat is supposed to give the Mari Cha IV a run for her money but she seems somewhat hexed. First, she missed the entire Antigua Race Week when the onion boat that was transporting her broke down. When they finally got her in the water, they couldn't do the traditional around the island sail even since she stunk so bad. Now, the keel breaks.

Hmm, bad things come in threes; I sure wouldn't want to be crewing on that boat when they head off into the North Atlantic next week.

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NonstopExpress said...

What a royal pain in the gluteus maximus, heh?