15 May 2005

Smoke on the Water

I was wrong about the weather on Saturday. It started out windy and just got windier. We beat out to Angel Island with Bob at the helm to check out the Elite Keelboat Regatta. Psshaw, we were a 35 year old Catalina 22 yet still going 5+ knots to wind....who needs an Alerion Express 28 or Melges 24. 10 year old sails work fine! You just can't point, so what?

I did a short video of the morning sailing.

I didn't get any footage of us bringing her in home since we were too busy watching the GPS. At one point, it showed 8.8 knots. I have absolutely no idea how since our max theoretical hullspeed is 6.3 knots. Catalina 22s are not known for planing but we were surfing a swell at that point. Still we were keeping a consistent 7 knots with what should have been no current.

Smoke on the Water indeed.


Anonymous said...

Briiliant! Totally enhanced by the live version of the classic. Don't think I missed the seamless edit from the into of the song to the chorus, or of your helmsman leaning backward slightly as if blown over by the oncoming chorus.

I'm amazed your boat didn't disintegrate...


NonstopExpress said...

You guys were flying!! Or did you use the "speed up" feature on the vid cam?

I'd bring my cam out on the next sail, but Nat'd kill me for getting spray on the lense.

crkmama said...

and if this doesn't inspire you all to actually go sailing with edward, i don't know what will. who could pass up an opportunity to star in your own sail video? fyi music is editor's choice.

sign me up.

Anonymous said...

Way too short. Exciting none the less. Hey Tim, what's a speed up feature? I'm going out and get myself an agent. My hat's off(and not in the water) to you Edward for your creativity and patience. I know you could have handled more action. My confidence will improve with time. Thanks for a great day.

Jamie Dawn said...

Cool, very cool!!