08 May 2005

Dratted Bird Update

I lost. The bird won.

After not sailing for almost two weeks, I go down to the boat at lunch on Friday to clean up and let her air out. I step on board and a bird comes darting out of the sail cover. "Aaaaarrrrggggghhhh" I yell. Just like that too.

I peek into the cover and it's a very well formed nest. I decide to leave it until Saturday, I'll bring my camera when Tim and I go sailing. Then I'll trash the nest and shake my little fist skyward.

I get down there on Saturday and as I'm pulling the nest out for its photo opp, I see the eggs. I can't destroy this; we're not talking about any bird, we're talking about a Mama Bird.

The problem is, I'm going sailing. No bird is taking that away from me, eggs or not. If I leave the nest on the dock, a seagull will eat the eggs (there is a reason this bird is in my sailcover). So I put the nest (with eggs) in the dock box for the afternoon.

When we get back to the dock (see story above for sailing description), I do something I never do. I put off cleaning the boat until the next day. And I forgot about the nest. And I left it in the dockbox overnight. And I hope Mama Bird isn't pissed off at me.

I went down to the boat this morning to put the nest and eggs back in the sailcover. Hopefully, it's at least a good faith gesture to Mama Bird so she knows that she can safely nest in there again. I'll learn to live with the hay in the cokpit if she learns to live with her nest being put in the dockbox for several hours every weekend. I'll keep you updated.

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