28 November 2006

Lady Bug in Action

I've never had a picture of my boat under sail. Never. Not even any pictures of my Dad's boats with the sails flying in anger. But then the miracle of The Internets solved that problem. Yesterday, I was searching The Google for information on the Berkeley Chowder Races and came across a result with someone's Flickr acccount. It turned out to be the Mystery 30' Sloop that Camille passed.

The owner of that boat had taken a picture of us behind her earlier in the race (basically laughing at how hard they rolled us on the upwind leg). I emailed her and got a copy of that picture. I cropped it down to focus on Lady Bug and I finally have a picture of my boat under sail:

I'm open to sail trim suggestions. The shape looks nice on the jib even if it could use a bit more trimming and I think I have too much twist in the main. The wind was about 15 knots, but we're nice and flat thanks to the main trimmer being a Giant.

That day now passes last Sunday's dramatic triumph over the Tartan 37 as the single greatest day in the history of Polka Dot Racing...we got our first non-DFL, have the greatest story ever in the Kindergarten Driver, and now have a picture of Lady Bug in Action.


Anonymous said...

All good things... Getting a good photo of your own boat is always a problem. How do you take a photo of a boat when you're on it... Figure a way around that and it'll be worth millions.

EVK4 said...

I didn't invent it, but take a look in this post for a link to this video. It could be adapted to a still camera with a remote I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

Way more vangage bro

EVK4 said...

Eli, more vang would take some twist out right? Should I also have the traveller up more to windward?

On another topic, my 4:1 vang doesn't actually work, it might be because of the mid-boom sheeting or that weird twist i have in the line. Or I might need a new one.

Thanks for the tip.

Anonymous said...

Yes, you will increase your leech tension up top. In the breeze you can vang sheet...crank on the vang and then ease your main while still retaining leech tension. Basically your sheet becomes the traveller adjustment. I would think that 4:1 (I am upping to an 8:1 on the frosty...) seems a little light unless you have a winch that you can tension it with.

Zen said...

Now that I am on my Mac at home I can see clearly now. Nice shot!