14 September 2015

Zombies, zombies and more zombies

One of my most successful sailing posts was about how to survive the zombie apocalypse (hint: sail offshore and don't drop anchor).  So, of course, when playing Magic I wanted zombies because there are very few sailboats in Magic.  So zombies win.  And I want to win.

After building Noah's and my first few decks, I found this site called tappedout.  Tappedout is a place where people post their deck lists so that others can admire it, offer advice, trade cards I guess, but really just to show off.  It has a good search capability so I looked up zombie decks.

There are a ton of zombies and zombie deck posssibilities in Magic.  But only one zombie deck that is truly hilarious.  It's called Zombie Hunt and has four moving parts:
  • 4x Treasure Hunt
  • 2x Zombie Infestation
  • 4x Reliquary Tower
  • 50x islands/swamps in any combo
Before I explain the deck, I have a quick quiz: what is scary about a single zombie?  Nothing. It's slow, ugly, has bad breath and is stupid.  That's not a scary combination.  What's scary about zombies?  How freaking many of them there are...they swarm and come from all directions at once...you can never stop running or they WILL catch you.

So, life advice and magic advice combined: be scared of a lot of zombies.  If you are on the zombie side of the equation: find ways to make more zombies.

So here's the combo...get a Reliquary Tower and an Island on the table.  Cast Treasure Hunt.  Treasure Hunt lets you search your library until you find a non-land card, putting all cards revealed this way into your hand.  54 of the 60 cards in your deck are lands, you will have a lot of lands in your hand.  This will confuse your opponent, you need to look really disappointed. 

Then you pass your turn.  When they suggest you discard a few cards, have them read Reliquary Tower...it states that you have no maximum hand size.  Try to play it off like it's a weird ridiculous thing that you're keeping 40 cards in your hand.  Here's a quote you can use, "hah hah, I'm so stupid, keeping 40 cards in my hand, please don't attack me with your Favored Hoplite :) ."

Next turn, slap down a swamp, play Zombie Infestation, discard 36 lands and make 18 2/2 zombies.  Stare them down as you lay the tokens on the battlefield one by one.  Then put your arms out like a zombie, look hungry and say, "braaaaaiiiiiinnnnnnssssssss!"  Next turn, win the game*.

* Pro-tip: If you suspect they have bile blight or anger of the gods or some sort of board wipe, only play 5 at a time.

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