10 June 2010

Nosail in NOLA

When I started making my plans to go to New Orleans for a convention, the first thing I did was free my Wednesday night calendar and check out the local beer can races.  I contacted a few people from Sailing Anarchy about the best way to get a ride and prepared myself to sail on the local lake (even though lake sailing confuses me, everywhere you look there is land, it's like the water is surrounded by it).

Then I got here and started working 14 hour days and just couldn't bring myself to grab my PFD that I packed in our tradeshow trunk and trudge over to the yacht club with a 12 pack of beer and beg for a ride.  I feel like I really missed out on a great opportunity.  Especially because it is an unworldly hot here in New Orleans and a gentle 95+ degree sea breeze would have been nice.

Luckily, I have sailing planned on a non-lake in the coming weeks.  I'm taking Camille and two of her swim friends out for another sail camp day, then the next day I'm hoping to get out on Valis for our MOB certification (Paul, if you're reading this, I haven't confirmed with Heidi yet), and then I think I have two weeks off before I have to sail across a third of the ocean to a little known tropical paradise called Hawaii.

So, bummer that I didn't get to sail on Lake Pontchartrain but maybe next year I'll try Lake Lanier when TechEd goes to Atlanta.


Tillerman said...

Edward, I am so pleased that you have stopped not writing about not sailing. It is posts like this about not sailing that have made me change my mind about your not being one of my favorite not sailing bloggers.

Pat said...

I've been by NOLA briefly and also not been sailing there -- yet.
Once of these days.

By the way, does Eliboat's link seem to be all right for you? When I click on it it seems to go to a commercial "placeholder" site that doesn't look like a blog.

bonnie said...

Sadly, I think EliBoat has joined the ranks of ex-blogs. He hadn't posted for a very very long time. I was checking in occasionally anyways until I finally started getting that same commercial site.