01 February 2010

Lowering the boom

Lowering the boom is some sort of sailing related term that the rest of the world uses to mean "bringing the pain."  I think.  For some reason I thought it just made a good title for this post even though 1) I don't know what it means, and 2) we're not lowering our boom in this photo.  If anything we're raising our pole but I was worried what kind of search engine traffic that would bring.

Photo courtesy of Erik Simonson of H2oshots

This is Valis sailing wing and wing down to Red Rock during the Three Bridge Fiasco.  You know, just after the mouse incident.  You can obviously tell we are sailing fast by the rip-roaring rooster tail of a wake we're leaving.  That's why we're qualified to cross most of the Ocean, our improvisational sail trim techniques.


Joe said...

Nice photo of Valis. It was nice rowing weather yesterday morning when I went out. The funny thing is, I saw all theses boats bobbing up and down out there, so I stayed along the shore to avoid the hazards to navigation. ;)

David said...

Yep, that's definitely the view we had from Lapras. Sorry I didn't take any photos for you. We forgot that the Fiasco was a fun race and go all intense and everything trying to run you down.