23 December 2009

An embarrassing admission

This blog has suffered. For the longest time I blamed my SF Sailing Examiner column that took the joy out of writing about sailing. And then I realized it was because I wasn't sailing as much. And because of these two things I suddenly had an unfulfilled need to write. So I started a swimming blog about my own pathetic attempts at swimming and my daughter's much more successful swim career.

Then the holidays happened and I realized that the Examiner gig, though not very fruitful, had actually created a decent Christmas gift fund. But I didn't go buy sailing gifts, I bought swim gifts. With the proceeds from my sailing writing. Maybe just short of ironic but still worth bringing up.

Which brings me back to writing about sailing. I realized that I had depleted my funds from the Examiner gig and the only way to refill it was to write about sailing again. So, to fund my swim habit, I'm back on the sailing wagon. Wow.

Maybe it will just be the Examiner column but I really want to bring this blog back to life too. I've sailed about a dozen times since the cobwebbing began that I've yet to write about and I have a few more planned so there is *some* content. But until then, please click on this link so I can buy a new swimcap please.


Tillerman said...

I am sorry to have to report that the selection panel for the Tilly Awards met last week and unfortunately, after lengthy debate, concluded that the EVK4 SuperBlog will not be eligible for a 79th consecutive (or whatever it is) award this year.

I suspect it is the Examiner column that has taken the joy out of writing about sailing for you. I haven't sailed much this year either but I still seem to have a passion to write about not sailing much. I think I told you that I also had dallied with the idea of a paid online sailing writing gig and discovered during a trial period that (a) it wasn't much fun and (b) it destroyed my enthusiasm to write my own sailing blog. So I pulled out.

We each make our own choices. Hope the swim gifts were worth it.

Zen said...

tisk tisk tisk!

One a great blog, now, .. an after thought

Shame shame shame...
snif snif

Pat said...

Still, swimming does sort of count as "time on the water"...
... even if you can't swim very well with a tiller in your hand.

Verification word: grates

as in a cheery fireplace or as in the lack of sailing time grates on your conscience? hmmmm...

The O'Sheas said...

Oh. I thought this was about an embarrassing emission.

Never mind.