07 November 2009

Sailing camp agenda

Today is the day that Camille and two swimfriends start the Lady Bug
Sailing Camp. The agenda is aggressive:

1. Basic knots: bowline, cleat hitch, stopper knot
2. How to get the darned winch handle in and out of the winch;
related item: which direction to wrap the line
3. Which line is which
4. On the water: tacking with the kids rotating between helm, lazy
jib sheet and loaded jib sheet
5. Basic sea creature identification
6. Fun

If you see a blue boat zig zagging around the circle today with a
reefed main and giggling 9 year olds, watch out because the rules of
the road are on NEXT month's agenda.

All Typos Courtesy of iPhone


Tillerman said...

Excellent. Tying a good cleat hitch is an important life skill. Photos please.

O Docker said...

Sorry I missed you guys. Looks like it was a great day out there.

Maybe I should sign up for sail camp. I never know which line is which. Maybe that's why I always leave the last line blank.

Zen said...

Doh, I got tied up writing to a Kyudo Sensei and did not get today's pictures to you sooner or have my camera handy for better ones of the wild bunch.

Anonymous said...
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