12 October 2009

Going down to the boat

Whoohooo, a storm is a-brewin! Even when you stop sailing constantly, a sailor tends to check weather forecasts. And we have a doozy coming up tonight. 45 knot gusts growing to 55 knots by tomorrow.

Thankfully, I tidied and cleaned up Lady Bug last weekend. But while going over a mental checklist of what I did while contemplating the storm, I realized that I didn't lash down Camille's El Toro on the foredeck. It only weighs 60-80 pounds and a 55 knot gust coming underneath it will propel it directly into the Hunter across the dock from me. Which would suck because it's a Cal Sailing Club boat I think and those guys really don't need extra hassles.

So, I will head down and tie that beast down, throw on a couple of extra docklines, and check for chafe. Maybe I'll even make sure the Hunter is in good shape too.

Edit: Hey, O-Docker, do you need me to go check the flemish coils on your docklines?

1 comment:

O Docker said...

Thanks for the offer. We were down there yesterday and I think all looked secure.

I'm more concerned about where O Dock will end up.