04 February 2009

Leader of the Pack

Remember in my recap, how I talked about being in the lead pack of boats? Well, there's no way to prove that. You look at our somewhat pedestrian 200th place finish and say, "sure EVK4, you were up with the leaders almost halfway through the race? Sure."

Luckily I went Flickr-diving yesterday and found this.

That's us right up there at the front...obviously taken by someone still behind us. Though I am positive they passed us shortly after this shot was taken, maybe even one of the boats we almost fouled trying to get out of that current.

More to come on the race but I like this picture and thought I'd share it...click it for a slightly bigger view.


EVK4 said...

Captain John, is that your J109 next to me in that picture?

Zen said...

same water as this guy. I'm proud!
Fist a three time nomination for the Tilly awards and now this... does it get any better...let's see...

O Docker said...

What struck me as we approached Red Rock was how many boats were disappearing behind it, but how few were reappearing on the other side. I knew our long day was about to get longer.

Coming through Raccoon Strait, the wind died completely. The current was all that was carrying us through. We found we actually went faster by turning the boat at right angles to our course so the keel would catch the current better.

Captain John said...

We motored out ahead of the fleet so we could watch them exit the straights before setting sail. There was zero wind, but about 1 knot of Flood. We drifted with the current to create some apparent wind to fill the sails. Like O Docker, we tested different angles to the current (I took a nap, and woke up with Anne going stern first, which put us on a run, at which point I sprung into action and raised the spinnaker), before Lady Bug and the rest of the fleet caught up. It was at that point that we threaded our way through the fleet sideways to say hi to the superblogger. If you look closely at Edwards picture, you’ll see that yes, that J109 pointed the ‘wrong’ way is us.