26 January 2009

Topping Lift a Go Go

On Obama's fifth day in office, I installed a topping lift. Finally. The boat is now completely rigged to fly a spinnaker. Well, it'd be nice to have the rope clutches installed so that we're not relying on cleats but heck, this is better than nothing.

I will now re-iterate how much I HATE GOING UP THE MAST. Even if I'm only going halfway. Please see the fear in my face:

Thanks to Tirso for helping me get up there (and back down) safely. And to my kids for playing somewhat patiently.

1 comment:

Pat said...

Let's get the hierarchy set:

Going halfway up the mast -- rather a darn nuisance

Going up the mast -- somewhat bad.

Going up the mast with a tight harness instead of a bo'sun's chair -- pretty darn bad

Going down way too quickly from going up the mast -- possibly extremely bad

So, how do you convince a local teenager that going up the mast is a tempting, exciting, semi-forbidden joy that's absolutely discouraged?