21 January 2009

New Spinnaker!!!!

I got my new spinnaker last night! Yay! I knew this new administration would change things. When Bush was in office I didn't have this spinnaker; with Obama in office I do. I will now end the gratuitous political crap and present a picture of Camille shaded in beautiful red light as we played underneath the spinnaker last night.

Since we couldn't go sailing last night, I pulled it out and taught Camille how to pack a spinnaker. This quickly devolved into playing underneath it and crawling around just enjoying the crinkly goodness.

Next stop: up the mast to install a topping lift.


O Docker said...

Thank god you resisted the temptation to use tacky political metaphors (well, almost) and stuck to the higher moral ground of shamelessly exploiting your cute kids.

My guess at some sail measurements (what the heck are 'MGM' and 'UGM', anyway?) has been rebuffed by the Great Arbitors of PHRFness, and the O Dock Challenge is now hanging by a thread. I think the matter will finally be decided in the New York state courts. I could just rent some badass catamaran to try and smoke Lady Bug, but that doesn't seem sportsmanlike, does it?

The Zen - Captain John Official Mommy/Party Boat is starting to look like a better option.

EVK4 said...

It's a Catalina 30 ferchrissakes, there are a million of them with the exact same rating, what's the PHRF board's issue? If I were you, I'd go to the YRA site ( http://www.yra.org/PHRF/docs/current_phrf_certs_type.pdf ) and just copy the measurements from one of those boats. Then call Jim Antrim and ask what's so hard about rating a Catalina 30.

Zen said...

EVK4- WOW! You maybe the first to benefit from the from the new Admin.

U R da Bomb!

O-dock- I'm ready for the MotherShip.

O Docker said...

The SuperBlogger rocks!

Your ploy worked, I'm certificated (or is it 'certifiable'?), and the O Dock Challenge is back in the game.

With a prop that looks like it came from the Altamont wind farm, our rating is 186, so we'll start only about four minutes behind you.

We'll see about this Velox Ocius Pango business.

Anonymous said...

So how about getting the kids some sharpies to make a real lady bug spinnaker? Big dots is all it would take I think.

Carol Anne said...

Way cool idea, breezetrees. I like it. It matches the Polka Dot logo as well. If Edward wanted to get really sophisticated, he could even make a head at the head of the sail, and draw the outline of the joint between the wings.

Christy ~ Central Air said...

Ahhhh... (sigh).. There are few things more satisfying than enjoying the "crunch" of a new sail. (And one of them is actually *sailing* with the new sail!)

Congrats and best wishes on your next yot-racing domination endeavor.

Also, what a pretty girl. She's so fortunate to be growing up sailing.