29 January 2009

Three Bridge Fiasco, Blogger Division Followup

The race is on Saturday and I just want to make sure I have everybody for the blogger division.

  • We have Edward of The EVK4 UltraBlog on his trusty Newport 28.
  • Then super-commenter O Docker on his falsely rated Catalina 30 :) .
  • Of course, David from NeverSeaLand on his racy ass Olson 34.
  • Mike (aka BreezeTrees) on his Laser 28.
  • World Famous Coverboy Paul on Valis, a Pacific Seacraft 44.

John from Ayala Sandbox and Zen from, ummm Zen, are on the party boat I believe, following around the course without officially starting to keep the lawyers at bay.

One thing to note: the SSS forums have a great discussion of the verboten zone under the Bay Bridge.

The forecast is looking better, see everyone on the water Saturday!


O Docker said...

Reviewing the other entrants, it looks like I'm a cinch for DFL in the Bloggers Division. With its orange (or is it coral?) spinny, Lady Bug will probably be running away from me, too.

But I only enter one race every 13 years, so my preparation is 'peaked' for this one. I'm ready.

Now I just have to work on my game face.

Anonymous said...

I've even more excited about this race than I am about the Volvo Vendee Ocean Globe Whatever Thingie Race that everyone else is always blogging about. I still haven't worked out why some of the boats are in the Atlantic and some are in China.

Carol Anne said...

Man, I wish I could be there. Zorro's looking at buying a boat that's currently in the Bay Area, and I told him that he and I should take it for a test sail in the 3BF, but he has this silly Hall of Fame thingie he has to go to in Ohio.

Oh, well, maybe next year.

O Docker said...

Bah! What kind of SuperBlogging is this?

Here Edward's streaking towards Raccoon Strait under glorious spinnaker and no posts!

The spinnakerless O Dock Challenge is steadily losing ground, but we're not out of this yet!

The Bay's famed slot has turned into the world's biggest windhole. Blast!

O Docker said...

Exclusive Day of the Race Blogging:

Late 9pm Back-at-the-Dock Update

The O Dock Challenge actually finished the 3BF - with a whole hour to spare.

The wind really kicked up after Red Rock - after a day of deadly light air - and we started picking off boats - this fat, dumpy, spinnakerless Catalina 30 with eight-year-old cruising sails and a skipper whose last race was 13 years ago.

And what's this - we're coming up on the transom of a very familiar looking Newport 28 - crewed with seasoned, Ocean Racing sailors and be-spinnakered and be-rope clutched.

I yelled a greeting to the world-famous crew as we sped by, but the Superblogger looked dazed and speechless.

I'm sure he'll be sharing the exhileration of beating across the finish line after a hard-fought day on the Bay in his next post.

But wait, we never saw him after that - not even at the finish.

And wouldn't he have caught up with us at the windless parking lot south of Treasure Island?

What's going on here?

Anonymous said...

Gadzooks. I was sure the new be-rope-clutch would power him to a magnificent victory.

Anonymous said...

the "o docker crossing" deserves its own post ... Great moment.

Anonymous said...

Firebolt finished at 5:25 or so. We had a nice 1/2 hr break at blackaller after the northeasterly died waiting for the westerly to fill, then we brought it with us to red rock and across berkeley (where it was too windy for a laser 28 with #1 jib and my wife on the rail). We changed down to the #3 in the hole behind TI and took another little rest, but got through after the big ship went by. Much easier tacking to the finish with the little jib.

Very fun day, still married, my wife is even looking for more doublehanded races to do, if the grandparents will sign up for kid duty.

We saw lady bug with the new kite looking good from blackaller to racoon, that was the breeze that we didn't get, and I thought you were long gone.

Anonymous said...

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