30 December 2008

Three Bridge Fiasco 2009

I'm making another run at this race. But this time it's different. Longtime readers of this blog may realize I always talk about this race, prepare for it, enter it, and ultimately never finish the darned thing. This time, I'm crossing that finish line no matter what.

The problem is it's a long race in the middle of the winter. We sometimes don't get any wind out here in the winter and 26 miles with no wind and our crazy currents can cause problems.

I like to believe that I have the patience to wait out a very slow, long day on the water but I have just never been able to subject my crew to it. I usually sail with friends who like sailing but it isn't a passion for them. This time I'm bringing along someone who loves to sail as much as I do. And he's a much much much better sailor than I am.

Remember this guy?

Last you saw him, we were pulling into Kaneohe together and I couldn't stop marveling at what an incredible sailor he is. Quite possibly the best sailor I've ever met. He could make the boat go fast, had ingenious ideas for rigging, and could fillet a fish faster than lightning. And, holy crap, could he steer a boat in heavy wind and big seas.

I am lucky to have him sailing with me but it does put some pressure on me. We're going spinnaker so I have to finish rigging my boat for the kite. If it turns out that it's me without the patience to go slowly for 10 hours, I'll have to just suck it up and do everything possible to finish the race (remember this is a guy who didn't sleep for 48 hours in '04 to ensure that he won the SHTP!).

No matter what, it will be different this year and as usual, I am very very excited about this race! Go 3BF!


The O'Sheas said...

Hmm, doesn't look familiar in that shot. Do you have one of him naked, singing sea shanties?

Thinking that might jog the memory.

EVK4 said...


Captain John said...

Let me know if you need any more crew. I fear not the long sail at any speed.

Zen said...


Tillerman said...

I think Zen just gave you a Japanese wish that the race will last ten thousand years. Surely with a spinnaker it won't be more than half that time?

O Docker said...

Just checked out the 23 divisions and you may have a good shot this time.

It looks like you'll be in "Doublehanded, PHRF > 155, Spinnaker, non-sportboat, Best R&B Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals "

That's not one of the hotly-contested ones, is it?

EVK4 said...

Oh boy, you don't want to hear me sing. Believe me.

I am now officially entered and anyone interested can now figure out my full name!

O Docker, why don't you join in the fun...I'm pretty sure you'd be in the same division (180-186 is your range I think). I'd start a few minutes before you.

Tillerman said...

Wait. I thought I was old sailing in the 55-65 age group. You guys sail in the >155 group?

EVK4 said...

Tillerman, it's combined age. Remember, there are two of us.

The O'Sheas said...

> 155 combined? Doesn't that make you two Tillerman's and a Polamalu fan en toto?

O Docker said...

Hmm, an intriguing thought - the O Dock Challenge.

But the last race I entered was in 1996. I'd have to take a refresher course in the racing rules at the Tillerman School of Sea Lawyering.

And you'd have all kinds of advantages I don't:

- someone who knows how to steer
- an intimidating Latin motto
- Olympic campaign experience
- matching team T-shirts

I wonder what Paul Cayard is doing that weekend.

The O'Sheas said...

That Paul Cayard is sure a good looking man ...

I should go to bed now.

Carol Anne said...

Yeah, Cayard looks good. Zorro looks even better.

Okay, I should probably go to bed now, too.

Vigilante said...

155 eh? I guess you won't have to be racing against any Wyliecat-30's, Then? They're my ideal for fast performance in my geriactric set. No spinnaker required!