29 October 2008

25 Knots

25 knots. That's the speed you need to maintain for 24 hours to reach 600nm in a 1 day. Ericsson 4 just reached 602.66 nautical miles in a 24 hour period. Holy crap that is fast.

This is the guy who must have been at the helm (at least it's his picture on the news page). His name is Brad Jackson and he's probably a better sailor than I am. To put it in perspective, the farthest I've ever gone in a 24 hour period is 191nm. And I'm a bad ass ocean going racer. Just like him. Only slower. And without the cool mustache.

Congratulations to Torben Grael and the entire E4 team. Until Green Dragon breaks your record that is.


Lonnie Bruner said...

Yes! This is the kind of footage I've been waiting for.

The O'Sheas said...

Maybe you can be like him. Maybe you can grow a mustache.

EVK4 said...

That's what November is for.