30 September 2008

VOR: It starts this weekend

Since I have officially gone on record as supporting Green Dragon, I need to remind everyone to root for them this weekend. The Volvo Ocean Race officially starts on Saturday 4 October 2008 with the In Port Race in Alicante. Finally.

I have no idea how the points work and really don't care since it seems very odd that teams can skip legs and still win. I just love following where they're going, what the wind is like, what kind of routing decisions they make, and the videos. I love the freakin' videos. These boats are incredible (and remember I, too, am a Serious Ocean Going Racer so I know about these things).

This year each boat has a media crewmember, someone responsible for writing, filming, documenting the trip. They're each experienced offshore sailors that are going to try to bring the race home to us. I have no idea how real-time this will be but if they get even remotely web 2.0 on us, this race will surpass even last edition's thriller.

Let the racing begin.


Lonnie Bruner said...

Wait, you're not supporting Puma? What the hell!?

EVK4 said...

Green Dragon has a cooler name.