29 September 2008

Away From the Boat

I haven't sailed in a few weeks. But I'm keeping up with my mandatory water-time. I'm going to swim meets. Of course, I'm a middle aged father of two, I don't actually swim, but my daughter does. And fast.

The above is her weekend haul. Six events, six personal bests. Three second places and three third places. But most important, five of the six races got her the vaunted "A time"! You get a medal for those.

Swim meets don't make for the best pictures (the kids are kind of mostly under water) but the backstroke gives a few kodak moments.

Next weekend: sailing!

1 comment:

Carol Anne said...

The backstroke was always my best event. Not that I ever had any chance of being really good; genetics were against me (short people usually have short arms and legs and are therefore not fast swimmers).

Give Camille my best wishes.