10 September 2008

How to Fix Olympic Sailing

It's simple as pie. Shorten the course to, say, about the length of a backyard swimming pool. Try to get in as many roll-tacks as possible before the gorilla capsizes you.

I can guarantee it will be on NBC proper in prime time.


Anonymous said...

So the "best sailing innovation ever" is a gorilla? What happened to warm Heineken?

EVK4 said...

I still haven't done my "invention" yet. But a gorilla would make for an excellent way to liven up regattas.

Tillerman said...

Hmmm. There actually was a junior regatta in which Litoralis sailed when he was just a little whippersnapper, when one of the other sailors actually did the gorilla move on him. Actually jumped off his boat, swam over to L's boat and capsized it.

And L still won the regatta!!

EVK4 said...

Hmmmm, didn't Litoralis know who he was?

Anonymous said...

LOL. We never did find out that kid's name. I wonder where he is now? I suspect he's either in jail or running an investment bank in San Francisco.

I should write a post about the whole incident some time as there's a whole set of issues around what happened ranging from the culture of kids' racing teams to some subtleties of the racing rules in how the situation was ultimately resolved.