03 June 2008

Secondary Sailing Goals

My big goal is to sail to Hawaii (which I am doing in 41 days, bust it!). But I have to have more goals. I love sailing too much just to leave it to chance. I'm thinking out loud here, what are my goals?
  • I'd really like to take a relaxing moonlight sail on the Bay
  • It sure as heck would be fun to sail a laser (you know, to help out with my Olympic campaign and all)
  • I'd like to do see Camille sail her El Toro all by herself
  • Cracking the top half of the fleet would be good now that I'm consistently just under the top half
  • Sail 50 days in 2008
  • Be solely responsible for keeping multi-hulls out of the Olympics now and forever!
That seems OK. Especially since I have my big goal in the book already. Numbers 1, 2 and 5 seem pretty darned do-able. Though it was through my puppets at US Sailing, I think I've done a fair job of number 6 so far. 3 and 4 seem pretty unlikely given Camille's swimming schedule and my lack of ability as a sailor. But if I can just get a few of these (and sail to Hawaii) 2008 will be a success.


Mondale said...

I'm all about #6.
I can relate to multi hulls as a vehicle for early man crossing oceans to settle new continents and thus promote the human race, but as an Olympic sport?

Joe said...

I have to respectably disagree with the former VP on multi-hulls i.e. cats. Cats are awesome Dogs.

side note: Even though I'm a sailor I don't think that sailing of any kind should be in the Olympics.

On the other goals, GO EDWARD!

Anonymous said...

I know this isn't what this thread is about but I'd like to add that I'm through and through a dinghy man however I question whether Mondale or EVK4 have sailed a Tornado or equivalent in a decent breeze - imho awesome and toyally Olympian - just not for me!

EVK4 said...

I have never sailed a tornado or equivalent in *any* breeze. The only dinghies I've ever sailed are my daughter's el toros and a sunfish when I was 7. I have photoshopped myself into a laser (apparently the girl's model) though; it might have been windy when i was doing that.

Is a tornado a multi-hull? should I have them put it back in the olympics?

Anonymous said...

No pontoon boats in the Olympics. Keep the sport pure.

Mondale said...

Decent breeze?
No, can't say I have but its the tacking bit in light airs that annoys the crud out of me.