10 March 2008

Lifejacket Test

Part of the requirements for the Pacific Cup (per the ISAF Offshore Special Regulations) are that you test your lifejacket's ability to retain air. I've never done that; I've auto-inflated it to test that mechanism but never inflated it and waited awhile to assure that its still filled 30 minutes later.

So I manually inflated it this weekend just to check and learned a few important things.
  1. It meets all requirements (including strobe light that I will not install until just before the race)
  2. It is impossible to put on once inflated
  3. It only takes about 10-15 seconds to manually inflate
  4. I look *good* in yellow
Since we won't have everyone's lifejackets at the inspection, we're all certifying that our PFDs meet the requirements. Beyond that reason, I'm glad I did it just for the fun of walking around my house in a lifejacket.


Joe said...

Don't you look fetching. :)

EVK4 said...

It's the yellow...it's very flattering.

WeSailFurther said...

nay, damn good in yellow!

Zen said...

You should have gone to the store /shopping in it. That wold have been the real test for how smashing you look!