20 February 2008

Waiving to Hawaii

I signed my crew waiver form today and am officially legally able to step on the boat to Hawaii. The waiver is very clear what my risks are.
These risks include but are not limited to personal injury and death and damage to and or loss of equipment and the sailing vessel itself through some failure of the vessel, collision with other vessels, debris, or animals as well as loss occasioned by adverse weather conditions and seas.
Whew! It doesn't mention Gigantic Sea Serpents. I can still sue somebody if one of those jackasses tries to get me. Sea Serpents "might" be considered animals but if we were in court I'd argue that mythical beasts are an entirely separate genus (or kingdom or phylum or whatever).

Off to Hawaii, Sea Serpents be damned.


Christy ~ Central Air said...

Congrats, Edward! (Or whatever sentiment is appropriate in this situation?)

FWIW, I agree that sea serpents are jack-@sses.

- Christy

EVK4 said...

J-As is a lot nicer of a term than what I wanted to use but this is a family blog.

Joe said...

That's what I'm talking about! Kudos partner.

Zen said...