15 February 2008

Curious Yet Oddly Beautiful

Sailing last weekend, I could spot this boat a mile away. Something about its lines drew my attention. No, strike that, the gaff rig drew my attention. From a distance, I thought, "wow, beautiful old boat". Then she got closer and closer and I was still curiously drawn to her (let the skipper deal with that pesky tanker next to us).

About a quarter of a mile away, I even muttered, "beautiful boat." Then she got really close and I thought, "what the, that's an Island Packet with a gaff rig!" Of course, it's not an IP, but what the heck is with the marriage of the modern hull, way too angular coach, and gaff rig? I just didn't expect to see such a blunt bow on a boat with that rig.

When I took this picture I was hating the boat after having really loved it minutes before. After I took the picture I got back to appreciating the boat. I'll admit I don't know enough about the advantages of a gaff rig to know if this particular combination is good.

I can't come up with a better word than curious. I am glad I had a chance for such an upfront view of the boat, she is very nice. Just curious.


Zen said...

good shot!

Anonymous said...

That's Jakatan, a Bob Perry creation. She on on a Cruising World cover this month, also see thread on SA


Where exactly did you see her?


EVK4 said...

David, that's great. I was actually sailing on a Bob Perry designed Tayana 47 when we saw her. Strike that, I was motoring on the aforementioned Tayana 47.

Either way, it was in the Estuary.

Anonymous said...

Cool. Don't know her homeport, doubt it's Alameda. I'd send my kids to communitiy college to get that boat, but I don't think it would be enough!