22 February 2008

14 Months Later

Fourteen months ago, I bought a spinnaker and threatened the sailing world with some blistering downwind speeds. I huffed and I puffed and I thought about it and I put the spinnaker in its pretty little bag and set it in the garage. And I kept sailing jib and main.

Why? Because I don't have a spinnaker halyard. And I don't want to go up the mast.

Then, about a month ago a storm broke my windex (or maybe it was a seagull or a meteorite, I really don't know). Then last week, my topping lift broke. That's three reasons to go up the mast now, just about the critical amount to set me into action. Actually, it's the topping lift only but at least I'm finally springing into action.

So today, I called Mauri Pro Sailing and ordered my "Downwind Adventure Kit". And next non-stormy Saturday, I'm climbing the freakin' mast. And installing a spinnaker halyard, a new windex, and a new topping lift. While up there I'm going to check on all the standing rigging, replace my anchor light, and enjoy the view.

And then hope somebody will help me down so we can get on with the off-wind sailing.


Zen said...

Whoa, Now that maybe something worth getting some picture of...

EVK4 said...

If you're there taking pictures, I have a feeling you'll be manning a winch handle too!

Pat said...

We need to replace a topping lift too, ... but for that, I only have to go halfway up the mast, but then I have to fish a weighted line into the mast.

Zen said...

I will be over in Berkeley Marina for the marine flea market on the 9th of march. Also maybe a Sat before that, I can give you a couple of cranks

WeSailFurther said...

mmmm...marine flea market...that sounds so cool! best we get here is the clearance rack at West Marine. Or ebay.

PeconicPuffin said...

um, you were gonna sail to Hawaii without inspecting the top of your mast? And you're worried about sea serpents?

( I think it's good to worry about sea serpents.
Q:Why you never hear first person stories about sea serpents?
A: Because sea serpents don't talk to people.
okay, but
Q: Why do you never hear stories from people who have seen sea serpents themselves?
A: Because dead men tell no tales.
Bonus question:
Q: Where do sea serpents lay eggs?
A: On the fasteners of the standing rigging at the top of masts.

I'm not kidding.

EVK4 said...

You wouldn't believe the laundry list of things I'm not going to do or check on my boat before sailing to Hawaii.

1. obviously not going to check the top of my mast
2. will not inspect nor purchase life raft
3. will not service engine
4. will not buy chart of kaneohe
5. will not rig jacklines
6. will not install tillerpilot
7. will not ensure compliance with Offshore special regs
8. will not sail my boat to Hawaii

I will, however, assist the gentleman whose boat i am sailing to Hawaii on with all of the aforementioned items plus many many more.