02 January 2008

Virtual Collision Course

My online world has collided violently with the real one. No, I haven't un-masked The Mysterious Tillerman. I had a "reader" recognize me on the water.

In one of those small world coincidences, Melissa (of Que Sera Sailing), saw me, or more to the point heard me, out on the water. Camille and I were enjoying a spectacular New Year's Sail. We were having fun, checking out the new racing marks, buzzing one of our neighbors as he headed out for the day and generally enjoying a few hours on the water.

We noticed an armada on their way out of the Berkeley Marina as we were heading in. Even though we were on port, we decided to confront it head on and made effort to "split the line". As we engaged broadside with each vessel, Camille and I let out with an enthusiastic, and hopefully nautical, "Happy New Year!".

Melissa was apparently on one of these vessels, a Hylas 47. I think this boat was one of the first to be engaged as we shot off the port broadside. Hopefully, our enthusiastic greetings don't scare her off reading this blog. For those of you not lucky enough to be sailing the San Francisco Bay on New Years, try to imagine this coming from a 7-year-old's voice: "Happy New Year!".


Tillerman said...

Welcome to Blogging Stardom. Once someone outs you, your life as a private person is over. Your fans and the paparazzi will never leave you alone.

Zen said...

Wear sun glasses!

and a hat, but not the pirate one, it's too well known.