02 January 2008

εκατο σοκ και δεος εμπνεοντας ημερες

There is no way on God's Green and Rapidly Warming Earth that I'm going to sail 100 days this year. Even if I have 1 under my belt and 15+ under contract. Somehow Tillerman's aspiration became my inspiration and Jarrett's goal and we now need a logo and an awesome motto and maybe t-shirts and a paypal account.

But Latin is a virtually dead language (with apologies to the Vatican) and this goal is a lively one. In the spirit of The Odyssey, I've decided our motto's gotta be Greek. That way we can wear the cool Greek Fisherman's cap if and when we achieve the goal. Google translator didn't like a lot of my earliest motto requests but eventually spit out this one for me:

εκατο σοκ και δεος εμπνεοντας ημερες

Of course, it's Greek to me but it will look cool on the back of a t-shirt.


WeSailFurther said...

If I'm'na get 100 days in I'll need more than a tshirt. Maybe I'll get it etched into a flask!

Tillerman said...

Hundred shock and awe inspiring day?


Joe said...

hundred shocks and awe inspiring days???????????

You should just go for a moto in our unofficial language. Los Gringos Locos. ¡Vinimos, navegamos, conquistamos!