13 January 2008

Blogger, Phone Home

It was really cute that when I announced my transoceanic plans my tens of readers responded with a resounding, "hey get a satphone so you can still blog." Not a lot of, "geez, hope you make it home safely." Guess I'm a better writer than person. Or my readers have skewed priorities....it's a freakin' ocean filled with malevolent whales, half-submerged freight containers, and sea serpents.

But luckily, I can still blog.

This is what I'd call a well stocked nav station. Multiple radars, weather services, GPSes, plotters, laptop, sail-mail, wind instruments and more. Multiple ways to communicate, blog, know where we are, and tell people about it. Did I mention the chair? Oh boy, is there a nav-chair, one unlike you've ever seen.

You're not falling out of that in heavy seas.

I'm going to be doing two blogs for the trip. This one, which is about me. And one for the charity that we're racing for. Of course, I'll keep a link to the racetracker on the Pacific Cup site so you can see how we're doing. I guess the upside of all the interest in my transoceanic blogging is that if one of those sea serpents does get us, you'll know. But will you call Google or the Coast Guard?


bonnie said...

Don't let your guard down on the monster front even once you get there - watch out for the mo'o!

This rock, off La'ie, is actually one of 5 pieces of a ferocious mo'o that Kana, an ancient Hawaiian hero, chopped up and threw in the sea there off the point.

They're like giant water lizards.

That's quite a chair. Almost looks like you'll be taking wing at some point...yikes!

bonnie said...

Cool, I found a Flicker site where the owner, who looks like he may be a local out there, took a picture of the plaque with the story.

Lonnie Bruner said...

That's awesome.

Show more pictures of the boat!

Litoralis said...

Imagine the seasickness you would feel when strapped into that thing in heavy seas!!!

PeconicPuffin said...

That's some chair. The padlock seems a bit excessive.

I guess it goes without saying that you shouldn't put a cup of coffee on top of all that electronics


Christy ~ Central Air said...

It looks like a car-seat for grownup sailors! Will you be wearing diapers during your trans-oceanic voyage too, EVK4? Depending on what the weather will be like? ;-p

EVK4 said...

No need for diapers since we'll have the leeward side but you gotta admit that sippie cups sure would be convenient during a blow.

Anonymous said...

That there is a sport racing seat for cars, with a four-point harness. I'm looking forward to hearing about your race.