20 December 2007

What I'll Do Differently

I am going to cross another ocean. Well, not all the way across but close enough to impress the ladies. Plus I'm going to end up in Hawaii. The thing is I'm a better sailor this time than last plus I have a LOT more responsibilities shoreside. So a few things have to be done differently. And, luckily for my readers, I am going to list them. Right here on the blog.
  • I will keep a journal this time
  • I will wear my lifejacket at all times on deck
  • I will not jump into the water when becalmed
  • I will tether during storms/squalls
  • I will probably invest in a personal EPIRB
  • I will take a LOT of pictures
  • I will not roll up my foulies, stuff them in my boots, pack them in a box, ship them home and then travel Europe for 6 months letting them decompose and lose their waterproofosity
There are a lot more things that will be done differently just because of the differences in technology available but these are the key things revolving around safety and documentation for this trip. This is an incredible opportunity and I want to make sure I completely take advantage of it. And be sure I'll see my kids again afterwards.


bonnie said...

Totally green with envy.

Will of course be following preparations.

Will you be blogging from the Pacific, or do we just get the mother of all trip reports when you get back?

Lonnie Bruner said...

Good luck, Edward. I am SO jealous. Hopefully I will sail in the ocean one day.

Oh, one thing I hope you do: blog during your trip so we can follow your progress.

WeSailFurther said...

you should tether all the time so you can keep a journal and take lots of pictures.

Brendhan said...

dude-what about: buy a sat. hookup so you can post from the middle of nowhere?

EVK4 said...

Maybe I'll tether the camera and journal to me. I'd be lightning quick then, nobody could stop the documentation.

Zen said...

Hey hey hey hey smashing!

rent a Sat, do not buy!

We your faithful readers will be standing by ready to read ad offer our insight on what you should do, instead of what you are doing... :-)

maybe, just maybe if your lucky SA will offer up section on your adventures... how cool is that!

Pat said...

Satellite might be a bit pricey, but at least Edward could do something inexpensive like Sail Mail and do basic text posts. Assuming the boat has SSB (which might be a requirement in some ocean races), anyone with a ham license should have some good, very inexpensive (or even free) options for making a connection to the mainland.