30 November 2007

Taking it Higher: Velox Ocius Pango

Originally, the Official Laser Olympic Campaign of Speed and Fasteners was a joke. But so much more information has come to light in this last week that I might have to take it more seriously.

The most important fact: The Google believes in me. I am first in the search results for Laser Olympic Campaign. Luckily for the real racers, that's an odd quirk of my writing, Andrew Campbell is first for Olympic Laser Campaign.

But, then I got a comment in my blog from US SAILING's Olympic Sailing Committee. This I have to take seriously, that's, like, an official committee. I'll quote them:

Your prestige as a Laser Olympic Campaigner has led us to the conclusion that we would be remiss if we did not invite you to join the US Sailing team as a training partner for our sailors headed to Qingdao.

Normally, I'd think that this was a joke somebody was playing on me. I really can't think so highly of myself that they'd let me go to China for the 2008 Olympics, can I? Well, it's not just me that feels this way about my sailing prowess. Esteemed Laser-lover Joe Rouse considers me a "well regarded sailor". Maybe I am. Maybe I am.

Of course, the mysterious Mich points out why I've gotten so good so fast at the Laser despite never actually having been in one. I'm sailing a girl's boat. Tillerman explains the different rigs but I must have been sleeping the day I first photosho....umm, err, sailed the Laser Radial.

So, there it is. I'm going to China, my Laser Olympic Campaign has jumped to the next level. I'm going to train with the team and take my Laser Radial which I weigh too much for and push Andrew Campbell on to Gold.

Velox Ocius Pango. As in fasten your seat belts.


Tillerman said...

Congratulations. Looking forward to reading all about your adventures in China.

PS. As you're sailing the girl's boat, and in light of your well documented skills in coaching female sailors (e.g. Camille), are you sure they don't want you as a training partner for Anna Tunnicliffe?

EVK4 said...

Well, she appears to have a website/blog; I think I can get behind that virtually.

Christy ~ Central Air said...

Congrats! What about a campaign theme song? You probably need one of those, too.

Tillerman said...

How about bad to the bones?

bonnie said...

Dude, you are Ye Olde Shooe-inne for Tillerman's Top Ten now.

Zen said...

Wow U R the Man... Dude!