19 September 2007

Yeah, yeah, I know

I have a hard time getting behind Talk Like a Pirate Day. It's mostly a personal shortcoming...I have no vocabulary beyond aarrrgggh and avast. Well, I guess I could pull out "matey" but I say that anyway in both my personal and business lives.

But just because I'm all "Bah Humbug, Matey" about it doesn't mean everyone is. I had to go down to the marina this morning to batten the hatches in advance of a "slight chance of thunderstorms". First thing I see as I walk the plank, umm, err, gangplank down to the dock is a guy flying a big ass pirate flag:

This flag isn't usually there, aarrggh, so it must be in celebration of Talk Like a Pirate Day. Avast, I usually don't use my phone's camera but thought it necessary today, you bilgey bilgerats.

I hope you can all enjoy this "special" day.


EVK4 said...

Two comments on the above photo that don't belong in the post proper.

1. the flag is too big for the boat, by most acceptable standards, the ensign should be roughly 1" horizontal for each foot of boat. Larger flags should be flown on the forestay. I don't know if this is true, but it's how I live my life.

2. People, please use some imagination! Sunbrella makes a hell of a lot of different color fabrics. You can buy sailcovers in different colors for the exact same price!

Mark said...

speaking of sunbrella, where does one get sunbrella scraps for cheap?
some of us shriek at gouging prices when alls we needs is a stinkin motor cover.

EVK4 said...

Try E Bay I guess. I don't know how much fabric costs so I don't know if this is a good deal.

I buy pre-made items from this guy on ebay. His prices are GREAT and he does very quality work. He can do any color you want. I know my sailcover is about 1/2 the price of west marine and custom measured/fit to my boat.

Anonymous said...

I just visited the fish sticks blog. Please pass my congratulations on to Long John Silver - he went to a great deal of trouble to present that dish. How drunk was he?

Zen said...

What wrong with Pacific blue?

can't we all unit on something...bwaahahaha