24 September 2007

Who Has Time to Sail?

Sailing, pshaw, who needs it? This weekend I not only didn't go to the boat, I didn't even think about it. Why not you ask? Here's why:

That's Camille winning her first heat ever. When she got back on "deck", she asked how she did so I held up a hand with five fingers showing then slowly started folding them back until only one was left. Her eyes widened and she practically yelped, "I Won?!?"

Ah man, this was such a cool thing...she had been nervous going into it with no idea what to expect. Turns out she enjoys it as much as we hoped and she's faster than we could have reasonably expected.

So, of course this eats into sailing time but we still have our winter racing schedule worked out. Unfortunately, we know that we're not quite as fast on the water when sailing. But at least she'll have her swimming ribbons to take the sting out of our end of fleet finishes.


Christy ~ Central Air said...

What a priceless photo and story. Congrats, Camille and family!

I envy your ability to *have* a winter racing schedule and look forward to reading your blog accounts over the cold (here in Ohio, anyway) winter months.


Brendhan said...

Go Camille! You are the best-I am so proud of you for entering the race-winning it is just the icing on the cake.

I'm taking swimming lessons to learn how to laps. I'm not very good. Maybe you can teach me some tricks next time I come to your pool.

bonnie said...