23 January 2007

Only One Thing Makes Sense

Opening Day. That's the only time I can or should do it.

I've been committing a nautical no-no, a maritime mishap, for way too long now. I've been referring to my boat by her new name without having actually named her yet. I haven't done any ceremonies, I haven't consulted with the powers that be, I haven't changed her name on the PHRF certificate. I've been bad.

So, I need a deadline and I need an appropriate time to make up for this misdeed. Opening Day, April 29, 2007.

I'm going to remove the old name from the transom between now and then. I'm going to remove all traces of the old name. And I'm going to perform the de-naming ceremony. Then on April 29, I will perform the naming ceremony, apply the vinyl, pour some White Star on the bow, and go get the boat blessed. Opening Day.

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