21 January 2007

Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval

Today was the day. All my efforts to family-icize the boat were being put to the test. My beautiful wife and roguishly handsome young son were coming down to the boat to see if they'd be willing to sail with me this Spring.

And, Lady bug passed.


The v-berth is clean, the cushions are sharp and all the extra "crap" is gone. All that's left now from the previous regime is an oar (and even that's been cleaned).


The main salon is about 90% clean enough...but the good news is that the curtains now match the cushions, that pushes the curtain replacement project down to the bottom of the list. It was in good enough shape that the little guy played with the pirate figurines for about 20 minutes.

My master plan is taking effect. We'll be sailing, oh yeah, we'll be sailing.


oreneta said...

How could he NOT love sailing. Just found your blog a few days ago...it's great. Took my kids out when they were that age, then set out cruising when the youngest was 4. We aimed at 3, but didn't make it out that year.

Nice looking boat.

Zen said...


we'll see ya on the water.

in fact i'm going now!

Anonymous said...

looking good... :D too cold to sail up here in beantown, but I'm hoping that won't last too much longer.