12 November 2006

Things that don't happen

A couple of things don't happen in life:
  • Real people don't win the lottery
  • Baseball players don't just "start" hitting 73 home runs at age 38
  • Democrats don't take both houses of congress mid-term
  • Michael Bay doesn't make good movies
  • It doesn't rain in the Summer in the Bay Area
  • Mickey the Mouse doesn't just saunter up to your family and join them for a ride on the teacups

Well, #3 is a bad example (thanks voters) but the real news is the last one happened!

Of course, I was off riding Indiana Jones with fellow Polka Dot Racer Kathy and missed the event but we do have photographic proof. Apparently, they held up the line so that a few VIPs could skip to the front, after a few groans from the assembled masses, in walks Pluto, Goofy, and Mickey the Mouse! They each get in a cup and there's a mad dash for Pluto and Goofy. Heidi is a little back in the line and expects Mickey to be taken but when she sees the open cup, she gets all Franco Harris, stiff arms a few Midwesterners and secures the best seat in the house.

Camille's impressions of Mickey: he's nice, very helpful and strong for a mouse. Apparently, he instructed her on the proper way to spin the teacup and once he got into the spinning action sent them flying!

This doesn't just happen, what a one in a million opportunity for her to ride with the world famous Mickey the Mouse. She must have done something right in a former life.


Zen said...

A karmic moment for real. Something to tell her grandkids with photographic proof!

Even better than my reader's comment :-)

Anonymous said...

Of course, you know that Mickey had rigged all of this, and just waited for you to leave, so that he could get a picture without you in it. :D