10 November 2006

Of Shakespeare & Sailing

Tillerman has inadvertently given Polka Dot Racing its new motto:

"Defer no time, delays have dangerous ends."
-Wiliam Shakespeare

Tillerman was talking about his blog-reading speed and Mr. Shakespeare was discussing executions but on a finely-tuned race boat like Lady Bug it can apply to many things. I was reading Quantum's crew-trimming guide and it mentioned that proper hiking can add .1 knot of boat speed which equates to about 2 minutes over a typical course. So the lesson is if everyone delays getting into proper position, we can easily lose 2 minutes, a very dangerous end.

Missing a layline can delay a boat unnecessarily, the same goes for slow trimming or bad gybes. Each delay puts you closer to dangerous ends, my new name for DFL.

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Zen said...

When the Master speaks, we hear what we need. Only the young think they are inadvertent words.