10 September 2006

Get off the low side!

Noah isn't quite the sailor that Camille is. Part of the problem is that he's just turned 1, the other problem, as you can see in this photo...he just won't get off the low side:


Notice that Starbeam is now done. The hardware has been re-installed, all painting, epoxying and varnishing are finished, and the boat is ready to be splashed. This week I hope.

I think my favorite part of this picture is that a kid named Noah is in a boat up on sawhorses with pine trees behind him. Just throw two of each animal in the ship and we might have a story worth publishing.


Anonymous said...

That photo is adorable!!!

Great to see he is starting early, even if he does still need some work on body weight distribution!!!

Pat said...

Actually, he's got it about right. Notice how still the plants appear to be; these are light air conditions where crew weight to leeward is appropriate. Also, judging from Noah's posture, it looks like he may be working on some roll-tack moves.